Phew that was a hot one

Just back from the Turks End Site near Upton Upon Severn PHEW it was hot with the temperature hitting 38 degrees. what a time for the fridge power to fail, panic set in until one of my two brain cells said use the gas idiot!! panic over, although it did give an unusual experience as the head of catering was unsure how well the fridge was working on gas, so put our snack lunch in the freezer, so upon opening the tin I had a treat!!!! on a hot day a Mackerel in tomato sauce ice lolly, (I don’t think it will catch on).

The video was taken as we were packing up with our temperature gauge reading 36 degrees, the thought of driving home with the air conditioning on full belt was just the incentive we needed to want to leave.

Turks End is a good site for checking out the Worcester area.



He’s a life saver

On returning from Scotland we realised the offside brake light was not working, when the bulb was checked it was OK, so thinking it was just a bad connection I got the clerk of works to press the brake pedal while I jiggled the bulb in its holder. the result was BANG!!!  and a big spark that melted part of the positive connection on the bulb.

So now I have no brake lights and the dash board tells me the nearside indicator is not working, the Freedom manual shows no fuses in the caravan for the road lights and a check showed there was a good circuit from the incoming wire to earth but no power.DSC04286 So the problem is in the car, now to PANIC!!!! as the car electrics are more computer than the good old vehicle electrics. A blown fuse was found in the new dedicated wiring loom once this was replaced the indicator worked again, the problem brake worked again, but now the nearside brake light had stopped working (words did not fail me but I can not print them).

Now a phone call was needed to Chris the chap who fitted the dedicated loom and tow bar, he soon came out (in appalling weather) and very quickly sorted the problem. As with computers the master solution for the majority of problems is turn it off and switch it back on again. JOB DONE and all is well again.

If you live in the Leeds Bradford area I can recommend this chap againdsc03187 he is just the best

Back home again

That’s us back after a great time in Scotland, we travelled up in two stages with a stopover at Lettershaws Farm just off the M74 sitting out in the sun till late, then the coldest night we have camped out in, and you can guess who did not bother to switch the gas on so no heater, we awoke to glorious sunshine and a frost over everything plus a layer of ice on the waste water bucket we’d put out.


Then up to Hagnaha Farm about 6 miles from Glencoe, via Stirling to avoid the narrow section of the A82 road by Loch Lomond, if you like sites with all the facilities plus a good view this one’s for you. The weather was good most of the time with just a couple of day’s rain, but with one really bad night, the BBC weather app said a 10mph wind was due, rubbish! To pull out a steel peg and flip it 3 feet away as we watched the awning staining to get away was not a 10mph wind but something much more, for 10mph read around 30-50mph below is the breeze next morning as it slowed down

So the BBC weather app is now binned and we are using the Met Office app that gives a truer idea of the weather. The clips that I thought would be great to hold the awning shirt in place worked fine

and also gave the opportunity to add a guy ropes the the awning with improvised guy ropes on the inside holding the centre roof pole down

a phone call on Friday and predicted winds of 50mph gusts made our minds up for an early return home on Saturday.

Overall a great break although driving on the roads was a bit hair-raising with the Logging Lorries digging deep channels at the road edge with their tyres when they run off the tarmac, making it a big problem if you are not careful and drop into one with possible tyre and suspension damage.

So now it’s getting everything clean and dried off ready for our next holiday, it’s a tough life being retired.  reviews for both sites are now on the 2017 sites visited page

I must break the ALDI habit

So we called at Aldi a few week back and bought some foam interlocking square mats for the awning no problem. Then I thought that’ll be just the job for the patio so whizzed back and bought some more they did the job great BUT!!! I had some left. So being a tight so and so I had to use them somewhere then the Clerk of Works had the idea of using them in the caravan, unbelievable they are almost made to measure, so that’s another bit of weight saved as they are lighter than the mats we put down, and very comfy under foot.


other colours are available but the blue was the only one left when we went back. they should be back in Aldi next year when they do a caravan special buy.


Back from our first trip away

We went back to John and Audrey’s site The Vines at Saltfleet by all Saints in Lincolnshire (see the 2017 review) what a great site with all you need for a quiet break it gave me a chance to make my mind up on the new additions to our caravaning experience.


First up the extension mirrors I bought last year, this is the second time I have used them.

On the plus side they are very easy to adjust using the door mirror controls giving the best view yet as can be seen above (I was stopped at a junction in case you wondered) and they don’t come off if the suction is not enough they slide down the mirror, giving you chance to stop and refit.

On the down side you fit them nervously hoping you don’t tighten the suction and break the mirror, and if they do get hit by an oncoming or overtaking vehicle, I guess that’s good bye to the mirror glass or the whole door mirror.

Over all I thing they work a treat and I am pleased with them, time will tell how I feel if I need to replace the door mirror


Second was the clips I thought would be good to keep the awning plastic skirt in place inside the awning (Posted on January 25, 2017) when the wind blows, they did not stop the skirt from lifting, but it did return keeping it inside the awning see below one side using the clips one side without.


So I am pleased with everything and looking forward to our next trip away

All checks done for 2017

That’s it caravan serviced, summer tyres are on and up to pressure (35psi), Road lights checked and all working (doing another check before we go anywhere). Toilet flush checked to find the !!!X!!??!! thing had jammed again, so it needed stripping down and freeing again, this is a problem with our caravan so resolved this year to just use water in the tank and use a spray with the nice smelling stuff in the toilet when the flushing to see it that helps, as it seems algae grows from the additives to the flush tank, which then jams the pump.

I had a look at the pads on the AL-KO stabiliser and thought I’d change them, although still plenty of wear left in them they just looked as if they needed a good clean.


When we bought the caravan one clip was missing on the stabiliser, so I have always wondered, was there also a washer missing from the pad on that side. An internet search at the time was no joy for information, this time I found a forum with a chap with the same issue the advice was that, there should be a thick and thin washer for both sides. So ordered a set and for good measure some new pads as well from Taunton Trailers, (a telephone call to them confirmed both sides should be the same). You would think an email to AL-KO would do the trick not so, they just sent a link for a manual I had already found that just says if any washers come away with the pad, please replace on the new pad. not much help if you think one is missing.

So that’s the last job done before the first trip away, other than playing around with setting up a caravan rear view camera (for the next post). bearing in mind this cannot be used in place of mirrors, it’s just that some cyclists think a bit of Lycra and helmet makes them invincible. I think knowing one is right up behind me might save me damaging the caravan with broken bones and bits of bike, if they try a dash down the nearside as I turn left.