That’s it for this year

We missed getting any for more trips this year due to a few bouts of ill health (it comes with getting old) and the dodgy weather so the caravan now has it’s winter wheels on, the water drained and all the gear out of the caravan and into the shed. So now it’s time to start thinking about where to go next year.

I think it will be sites nearer home for 2018 as we are having new windows and doors fitted as I type, and a new kitchen going in after Christmas so the old Yorkshire pounds are taking a hammering. With no windows in the bathroom the caravan came in very useful while the chaps were working upstairs.

I got back to using the Reich Weight Scale for the last three trips this year, and found it worked well. When I first bought it a lot of reviews I had read advised putting ramps before and after the wheel to make life easy, but when double checking I had different results for the same wheel, but very strangely the totals when added together gave a similar end result but I was not confident it was a true weight. This year I used it as instructions and felt I got a truer result, for the first two trips the weight was within a couple of kilo’s and on the third trip with extra things added like the windbreak and the peg box (5kgs) and one or two extra bits inside the caravan it scale showed I was over the 850kg limited, removing the peg box brought the weight down to 847kg’s a bit close but I figured OK.


There’s more out there

We booked a B & B last weekend (we did not use the caravan as the the nearest site we stopped on last time was dirty and a bit grotty) to go and see the Touring Cars at Knockhill in Scotland, it is a four hour journey for so we passed the time looking out for Freedoms normally we see none or no more than one. This time they were out in force on Friday the 11th first one on the A74 heading south, then number two parked up at the Annandale Services (nice customising on the front with maroon panels and flowers), then another on the M74 going south

On Sunday there was another on the M90 and on Monday one more on the A65 following a Microlite being towing by a Motorcycle trike!.

I don’t think we’ll ever top that amount.


Back home but not so good

Been back for 4 days now, and just of of bed, oh the joys of great weather I slipped up when we were packing up and did not have my hat on. we had a very pleasant time slowly packing up and chatting to folk on the camp site in the sun. Followed by a good drive home to have nice cuppa on the patio, then the dizziness kicked in along with an evening and all the next day of throwing up the result I believe of sun or heat stroke most unpleasant, so four days on and still a little dizzy but improving each day I can now walk in a line without bouncing off the walls.

A not to be repeated experience.

There is no mention of were we have been. This was without a doubt the best site we have stopped on, unfortunately one that requests no publicity as they wish to keep as they are without filling the site to capacity, thereby spoiling it.

Sometimes only a very rude word will do

On arriving at the last site we found the fridge was not working on 230 volt power, so we switched to gas and rang Paul Karan (the chap who looks after the caravan) to book a visit to get the fridge repaired before our next trip away.

Paul arrived a got to work testing the electrics, there was no power to the fridge so he traced the wires back to find !!!!!DSC04434

The problem was easily solved, and the fridge is working againDSC04435

Sometime on the journey to the Turks End camp site, the plug must have dropped out. I don’t remember any very bumpy roads so I guess it had been planning this evil trick for a while.

Many thanks Paul still kicking myself for not seeing it

Phew that was a hot one

Just back from the Turks End Site near Upton Upon Severn PHEW it was hot with the temperature hitting 38 degrees. what a time for the fridge power to fail, panic set in until one of my two brain cells said use the gas idiot!! panic over, although it did give an unusual experience as the head of catering was unsure how well the fridge was working on gas, so put our snack lunch in the freezer, so upon opening the tin I had a treat!!!! on a hot day a Mackerel in tomato sauce ice lolly, (I don’t think it will catch on).

The video was taken as we were packing up with our temperature gauge reading 36 degrees, the thought of driving home with the air conditioning on full belt was just the incentive we needed to want to leave.

Turks End is a good site for checking out the Worcester area.



He’s a life saver

On returning from Scotland we realised the offside brake light was not working, when the bulb was checked it was OK, so thinking it was just a bad connection I got the clerk of works to press the brake pedal while I jiggled the bulb in its holder. the result was BANG!!!  and a big spark that melted part of the positive connection on the bulb.

So now I have no brake lights and the dash board tells me the nearside indicator is not working, the Freedom manual shows no fuses in the caravan for the road lights and a check showed there was a good circuit from the incoming wire to earth but no power.DSC04286 So the problem is in the car, now to PANIC!!!! as the car electrics are more computer than the good old vehicle electrics. A blown fuse was found in the new dedicated wiring loom once this was replaced the indicator worked again, the problem brake worked again, but now the nearside brake light had stopped working (words did not fail me but I can not print them).

Now a phone call was needed to Chris the chap who fitted the dedicated loom and tow bar, he soon came out (in appalling weather) and very quickly sorted the problem. As with computers the master solution for the majority of problems is turn it off and switch it back on again. JOB DONE and all is well again.

If you live in the Leeds Bradford area I can recommend this chap againdsc03187 he is just the best

Back home again

That’s us back after a great time in Scotland, we travelled up in two stages with a stopover at Lettershaws Farm just off the M74 sitting out in the sun till late, then the coldest night we have camped out in, and you can guess who did not bother to switch the gas on so no heater, we awoke to glorious sunshine and a frost over everything plus a layer of ice on the waste water bucket we’d put out.


Then up to Hagnaha Farm about 6 miles from Glencoe, via Stirling to avoid the narrow section of the A82 road by Loch Lomond, if you like sites with all the facilities plus a good view this one’s for you. The weather was good most of the time with just a couple of day’s rain, but with one really bad night, the BBC weather app said a 10mph wind was due, rubbish! To pull out a steel peg and flip it 3 feet away as we watched the awning staining to get away was not a 10mph wind but something much more, for 10mph read around 30-50mph below is the breeze next morning as it slowed down

So the BBC weather app is now binned and we are using the Met Office app that gives a truer idea of the weather. The clips that I thought would be great to hold the awning shirt in place worked fine

and also gave the opportunity to add a guy ropes the the awning with improvised guy ropes on the inside holding the centre roof pole down

a phone call on Friday and predicted winds of 50mph gusts made our minds up for an early return home on Saturday.

Overall a great break although driving on the roads was a bit hair-raising with the Logging Lorries digging deep channels at the road edge with their tyres when they run off the tarmac, making it a big problem if you are not careful and drop into one with possible tyre and suspension damage.

So now it’s getting everything clean and dried off ready for our next holiday, it’s a tough life being retired.  reviews for both sites are now on the 2017 sites visited page